May 30, 2009. Pakistan and Afghanistan?

The female entrepreneur Linda Resnik was on CR Show talks about sharing her successful story in the business world.

She is saying all the right words such as care about your employees, something must have intrinsic value in order to sell in the market, the company must care about environment, etc.

I have no idea what is the back ground of her company. She is promoting her product on the show. Pomegranate juice is what she is selling. She claims that scientific research supported by her with peer review has indicated that it is a good anti-oxidant that helps lower the PSI level of prostate gland. This prevents the onset of prostate cancer.

This is such a hot air, sweet talk and PC talk to woe consumers to buy her product. This is a psychology of the marketing folk which is her profession. This is similar to the selling point of being green with so many merchandises lately. Whole foods super market chain is another example.

He has a very factitious attitude toward the fat cats on the show. However, when it comes to US foreign policy toward Iran, he is so enthusiastic and totally forgets that any aggressive policy would entail in term of cost at all.

Reshid Kahlidi is the professor at Columbia University. He is offering a balancing view on US policy toward the Israeli Palestinian conflict. His was not given time to expound on his thesis at all.

The thought of NPR is also a mouth piece of the government in the sense that it receives funding from government then it has to do what government tells it to do as part of the deal of becoming a balance station. So it also received fund from business entities as well as private listeners and it offers program that meet the need of these communities too.

The idea of writing short story as a way to descript thing that cross my mind or I read online or offline. This sounds very simple but it may take some time to get used to it.

A panel of experts on Pakistan and Afghanistan were on the CR show talking about the situation there and what has the US military and state department have been done there and the reaction of the local people and officials think about them.

The picture that I take away from viewing and listening to the conversation is US has no intention to help the local government to turn around the public feeling by supporting the local government genuine effort to woo the public to support US policy and stay away from the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

US advisors simply do not trust the local government to hand over all the money and support their idea of reform and economic development that would gather more support from the locals. So it is a bunch of lips services for democracy. This is a recipe for disaster when it comes to winning the heart and mind of the locals.

The locals would say US has its drone to bomb the Taliban and Al Qaeda, but they also have their drone which is known as “suicide bomber” in the western media. This is the kind of tit-for-tat spirit that so-called enemy has toward the drone technology of US and developed world.

The journalists on the panel are all from NYT. They are Jane Perlez, Mark Masetti, Pir Zabair Shah. They said that the Taliban and Al Qaeda have a long term view of their resistance against US while US has only a short term plan that only last as long as the current president is still insisting on pursuing the same policy to the end of his term. This is not really the case with Obama. He is continuing the policy of W. Bush toward Afghanistan and Pakistan. So it is not a short term policy as the opposite side sees it.

The panel agrees on one thing it is when US interest and the Pakistan, Afghanistan interest become aligned, there is little chance that the plan of wiping out Taliban and Al Qaeda will turn out to be successful.

The panel also reveals that the Taliban has a secret weapon-Sheri laws and land reform���that is winning the heart and mind of the locals in the border province of Pakistan. There are still too many economic injustices existing in the provinces or North West Pakistan. Land lords are still in control of vast swath of land in this region. Serfdom is still the dominant economic model in the area.

There is another author who spent two years of his life living among the Pakistani people to find out what the real living condition is and what is on the people mind. He is Nicholas Schmidle. His new book is “To live or to perish forever; two tumultuous years in Pakistan”.

He was on CSPAN “AFTER WORDS” program last night. Schmidle also interests in the development of Bangladesh political system and its history. He claims that this country is very open, he can freely travel and talk to anyone he wishes. Bangladesh refuses to accept the Islāmic system imposed by Pakistan on it and become an independent nation.

The plan to turn a deep sea port at the southern city of Pakistan into the next Dubai is meeting with resistance from the local people who feel that they are not benefiting from this effort at all. The Beluchi party takes advantage of it to demand more power from the central government.

Pakistan current government is very shrewd in taking advantage of the mistake of Taliban and Al Qaeda to soar up the public support of its current reform and cooperation policy with US according to Schmidle.

Robert Kagan was on Brooking Institute again bashing the past government and current government policy toward resolving the Iran ambitious goal to be energy independent and having the capacity to produce nuke weapons when she sees fit.

Diplomats from Italy and France are on the Brooking institute panel discussion last night. They had some insight on the problem of negotiation with Iran in term of exchanging Western Aids with giving up nuke development effort for peaceful purpose or not.

One idea that crosses my mind when reading about US foreign aides to Pakistan and North Korea with the conditions stipulated by US side. The reality of foreign military and economic aides is a joke even during the Vietnam era. South Vietnam officials have long been complained about the unfair nature of the aids. The aides receiving party has no choice on what to buy and who to buy and under what price and what condition. It is more take it or leave it arrangement. This is still the same attitude when it comes to foreign aids to Pakistan, Afghanistan and North Korea.

The claim of black mail from North Korea is sounding like the North Korea had received a lot of resources from US side and US had actually carried out its promises. This is not the case from the North Korea perspective with the promises made by Carter and Clinton administrations.


May 29, 2009. Melt down again?

Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell are teaming up on spinning a version that blaming government regulation as the root cause of current finance meltdown. This is the right wing blaming government perspective. This is nothing new to me. In the same group, there is another spin doctor who blames the Fed for all the ill in the finance and economy of the nation. They are entitled to their opinions.


Then there is another group such as the left that blames the Greed and recklessness of the Wall Street CEOs as the cause of current meltdown in Wall Street. They are including the insiders that work in the investment firm of Wall Street. The over leverage of these investment banks are not a result of the system according to William D Cohan in his book entitled “The house of card”. He has been on Charles Rose program twice. He was an investment banker with Lazard, an investment firm also on Wall Street.


He likes to point out that Lazard and a couple of investment firms on Wall Street did not follow the bandwagon of reckless leveraging of other people money as a way to enrich themselves. This is not a system wide problem as many people would like to say. There are some prudent and smart investors in the crowd. The time when he uses the word system as in systemic problem is when he refers to the reward system of Wall Street. He is very dismissive on this system of reward for the workers of Wall Street.


He likes to use the Bear Stearns as an example of the mentality of Wall Street mainstream investment firms and the egregious crowd of the Wall Street. He says except Goldman Sachs that has a system of leadership replenishment that keep the CEOs on the ball. The rest of the Wall Street investment firm CEOS are complacent folk that refuse to give up their seat once they reached the top.


The technical issue of diversification is also raised during the discussion by Kate Kelly who is also a reporter from Wall Street Journal. She would offer that suggestion diversification would prevent the problem of excessive leverage. Cohan fights back with an example of Lehman Brother as diversified as it can but still going under during this crisis. They are also operating on overnight borrowing from other commercial banks. When the credit crunch hits, the source of fund stops, the firm goes belly up in one day.


Cohan praises the CEOs and the board of director for their courageous acts at the last two days of Bear Stearns. Alan Schawrcz is constantly mentioned at this period as a good fire fighter. He is the second man in the organization running the show at the end. Jimmy Kane was the top man, but he has his eye off the ball for a while and focuses more in enjoying his status and perks such as playing the game of bridge and golf then managing business.


He also reveals that Hank Paulson and Tim Geithner have the last say on whether the Bear Stearns will survive or not. They would give the firm only one week to raise enough reserve to meet Fed requirement. Otherwise, they would be forced to close down. He said that this is to avoid the concern of “moral hazard” that many free market supporter object.


The guests also comment the current attempt of JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs to return all the TARP fund and going back to status quote. The agreement of the panelists is that the current Obama administration is not going to let that happen again. This is under the pressure and objection from the public that government bailing out the Wall Street without any oversight of the money.


Going back to status quote means business as usual, i.e. returning to the reckless leverage and betting of the past years to reward themselves with excessive bonus and outrageous employment contract even when they fail to do a good job.


Paul Greenberg is the author that I happen to come across on CSPAN “After Word” program. He is a main stable of the Washington Post. He is one of the foreign policy wonks on the Washington Belt way. An article written by him is bashing the North Korea nuke testing and its implication on the Iran nuke development program. Other writer such as William Safire, William Kristal and Richard Pearl are no longer writing for Washington Post.


Nathan Sales is a professor with George Mason University of the D.C. area. He has a piece on Washington Post criticizing the appointment of Sonja Sotomayor as the new Supreme Court justice. Here is the following view on the role of a justice of conservative. “The supreme Court’s job is not to second guess Congress and the president’s counter terrorism policies. Instead, its task is to faithfully enforce clear constitutional commands and where the constitution is silent, to stay out of the political branch’s way.”


Constitution after all is just as useless as any other so-called guidance when it comes to controversial subjects or hot button issues. It will silent when it is unsure of the issue and leave it to the political reality to sort them out. It could be done brute force or power of persuasion.


This is the job that lawyers and justices get paid big buck to do. The reality is Supreme Court justices are the groups of people decide what to make of all the disputes and controversial issues. Sometime the court swings to the left, other times to the right. There is no rule to go by. This is why too often people referring to the constitution as a “living document”.


Last night there is an interview of the author of an upcoming article in NYT this weekend. It is about the style and character of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama as president of USA. How they think and how they work in coming to a decision. How they work with the people surrounding him.


Basically, it is a decisive, focusing, and methodical, versus free ranging, hedging, slicing and dicing. Obama was attributed with the former characterization and Clinton with the latter.


Bill Clinton has changed a lot after he had heart bypass surgery. He is less cantankerous, tumultuous. Obama is very self-control and calm in contrast.




Entry for May 28, 2009

Cybersecurity Czar is wanted. The perception underlying this is more power to the government agency. It is the only way to get anything done in a democracy, is it? All the rhetoric of democracy and efficiency of getting thing done seem to contradict to each other.

Larry Summers wants his organization- National Economic council, “to have a key role in cybersecurity to ensure that efforts to protect private networks do not unduly threaten economic growth”. How is this development comparing to the same kind of cybersecurity development in PRC when the government demands all vendors of security software released their source codes for government security agency’s examination?

Sebastian Mallaby’s writing on Washington Post opinion page reminds me he is playing the role of George Wills and Richard Claudhammers. They are simply expressing their opinions. He is specialized in countering China currency policy. Today he has put out an article that tantamount to a pot shot on the attempt of China to pass on its US debts holding to other countries in the world. The article points to countries in Latin America and Asia. The goal is to replace the USD as the only international business transaction tool. Moreover, this also cut back the USD dollar weight in the Basket of reserve currency in Chinese possession.

The mechanism is to form a multinational fund that would provide loans to Latin America and Asia in Yuen denomination. Details are vague but the gist is to pass on the USD in China reserve holding to Asian and Latin American countries via these loans in USD but paying back using Chinese Yuen. This is a plan has been floating around for a while after the Wall Street meltdown. This is the only place I come across the details of this plan. All the articles in Asia Times online never mention in detail how this plan would be carried out.

The Explore program of NatGeo Channel last night has a story on how to define death in today medical setting. The advanced of life supporting machines and technology has redefined the meaning of death for human being. Sudden and violent dead are no different from the old day. The only difference involves here is the brain dead of patients who fail to respond to common and simple sensory stimulations from doctors. However, there is still normal heart beat and organs function inside the patient.

What even more interesting is the case of comatose patients can be awakening after years of staying in vegetation state. Some without any lowering of body temperature with dry ice type of substance and some with dry ice wrapping around the limbs and body. This sounds more like what I see in Twice Light Zone program.

The out-of-body experience is also shown with the interview of a patient who experiences this during a surgical operation. He was unconscious and his eyes were covered with cotton patch. A cloth curtain was separating his head from the doctor who performing the operation. However, he would identify all the movements that the doctor made during the surgery and what kind of shoes he worn that day.

This is not a scientific program with solid explanations and replicable lab experiments, etc. There is hardly a replicable process of refilling the patient in vegetation state with oxygen slowly to revive the cells in patient’s body. The program death of cells is a natural biological phenomenon. Experience with patients that fall into icy water has indicated that all the victims can be revived slowly and recovered to its normal condition. However, there is no memory of the period when the patient in vegetation state.

Cold temperature would stop the mutating process of human cells. This postpones the eventual dying of the cells and thus prolongs the live of the cell. This is a way to go to increase longevity.

Heart transplant and repair by definition has refined the meaning of death. The patient during the operation is dead by conventional definition. But he is back to normal after the surgery. This could be deemed as coming back from death.

A better and coherent narrative and contents should be created for these types of documentary films. Ongoing researches in NIH and other medical institutes could be a source of interesting medical stories for the viewers.

There is little research in the realm of virus and epidemic vaccines. No such stories in the pop science level from these film producers at all. This may not cost an arm and a leg to produce this type of documentary at all.

The reaction of PDNK second nuclear explosion is very visceral and the usual condemnation. But Washington Post today has an interesting article that offer a different respond that calls for more economic and cultural aids to the North Korea society in order to influence the people of North Korea thinking there is no need for any nuclear weapons at all. This is a stark contrast to the business as usual rhetoric of calling for more boycott and sanctions.

The wishful thinking of the author calls for even a rosy outcome that North Korea people and regime would embrace US humanity value and distant itself from the influence of China. This is rather interesting to say the least.

The perception of Obama going back on his promise to the general public as a “pragmatic” Obama is not too far from what I had come across several days ago. In assessing his domestic and foreign policy so far since his inauguration, everyone would have drawn the same conclusion. This is the result of his surrounding himself with people who were more pragmatic and amoral. The plan is to prepare him for another term as president of USA.

Morality is not the first priority in this effort of continue his job to second term. This is a “pragmatic” approach as people would say. But it is not in the interest of the disadvantage and working class. This is in part, evidence that backs the saying that “power begets corruption and absolute power corrupt absolutely.”

What is going on is strictly based on the premise of “heart and mind” to get to ones political goal and personal ambition. It is not the kind of sacrifice that Martin Luther King Jr. embodies. This is the Bill Clinton model and tradition of Jimmy Carter.

May 27, 2009. Hypocrisy and war?

May 26, morning’s session of viewing on Movieplex about the story of “capturing” enigma coding machine of German Navy during WWII connects me to the special series on WWII about Stalin and Nazi.

 The people of Germany and Russia would be told the same thing that the commander of the US commando would say to its team members–this is for the sake of the war and the benefit of the nation. One dies so the rest of the group can live. This sounds very noble and it is the same kind of rhetoric that the Nazi and Stalin gangs would tell their soldiers.

 Demonizing one group of people on one hand and glorifying another group for the same act of violence on the other hand is simply a bunch of nonsense. This is the kind of mind molding, double talk to inspire the youth in every nation of the world to get involve in so-called sacrificing noble act.

 However, these practices have been replicated all over the world by the ruling class throughout history. This is based on the premise that lie repeated thousand times would become truth in the mind of the subjects. This is nothing new. This is why there is a need to control the media outlet of every country at time of crisis.


The question why there is an area in submarine that is full of water and air pressure lines of controlling missile launcher passing through is answered by thinking about the need of a ballast that control the weight of the submarine so it can be submerge and emerge at will. This is a big “tank” with opening on the floor in a submarine that is full of water and people constantly going in and out of this area for maintenance works.

 This is never crosses my mind before every time I watch a movie about submarine. Another drawback of the submarine in the old day and could still be true nowadays: it is the lack of radar system while submerge in the ocean. Everything movement under water is monitored by using the sonar system.

 The same goes with surface and underwater communication. The only time a submarine communicates with the rest of the world is by emerging to the surface of the ocean. This is the most vulnerable time of a submarine. Air born attacked could easily sink the submarine at this point of time.

 The story of submarine crews have to suffering from demanding treatment is a norm of military. The air plane crews would be told the same story of dropping a nuclear bomb would save a lot of lives of soldiers if strength of the enemies has been decimated considerably. This is the kind of mind control rhetoric that human being in general likes to buy into. This is the nature of human that self delusion is a necessity facing reality that beyond one’s control.

 Sacrificing a soldiers or a division of soldiers to save the life of the rest of the nation is simply a necessity in war fare. They are nothing but game piece of a chess game for the ruling elites of a state. The rhetoric of a commander should bear the responsibility of taking care of the live of its subordinates is more of a rhetoric than reality.

 The story reveals that the commander of the commando operation that it is a secret operation, if necessary, all the member of the commando team would be killed to prevent the secret from leaking to enemy under interrogator.

 “A hundreds of thousands of soldiers had died to the making of every general in the military” is an adage been around for years. Life is never fair in this regard. But fairness is what the spin doctors in government would like to promote around the world. It is part of the mind control game that replace the old line that Christianity must be promoted or civilization must be imposed on other part of the world in the past centuries.

 Fairness is also the highest principle a justice system goes by and builds upon. People who are in power would like to say live is unfair. This is when the justice system and rule of fairness should bring to bear on these advocates.

 Double talk is the only way spin doctors can articulate to bamboozled the gullible public. The same kind of rhetoric also exists in citing the slogan that it’s for the sake of “rule of laws”. “Laws and orders” is thing only applies to the gullible and powerless subjects of a system.

 In a so-called democracy, we need the votes of the people to get elected. It is a kind of game that voters would only offer the choice on a menu. One cannot wish for a different kind of menu if one like to play the game. This is the kind of “limit” democracy that is offered by the West for the sake of so-called “efficiency.”

 This is also a way to help the ruling elites and the rich to keep their status quote. What a better way to prevent the have-not and powerless to break out from the cage and self bootstrap themselves to a better level. This is the kind of rhetoric when the ruling elite would like you to believe in the context of not relying on government assistance to free yourself from poverty.

 Hiding this kind of facts from the gullible subjects and the disadvantage is also a good way to prevent them from rebelling against the ruling elites. One thing that so-called democracy allows as far as freedom of speech and information is to criticize the system in a very limit scope and scale. Anything beyond this boundary such as overthrowing the current regime or having a “regime change” from the ground up would be considered as treason and terrorist act.

May 25, 2009. Human nature and consequence?

Watching the Joseph Kennedy biography on American Experience program leads me to the conclusion that JFK is not much different from W Bush in term of it foreign policy disaster at the beginning of their time in office. The analysis in the program reflected in the narrative in a very subtle way indicates that JKF is an incompetent leader who reacts more on emotion than on rational.

The play boy nature of his character is a prominent one. This is the missing link that leads to the harebrain reaction of approving the invasion of Bay of Pig. This parallels with the same act that W Bush made on invading of Iraq. The words used in the document are that he is letting the victory in the presidential race getting over his head.

Bay of Pig is a disaster that reflecting this reality. I was not in a moment before connecting these two dots. Then there is another with elephant in room: The Vietnam escalation by Kennedy. I was not connecting the dots when it comes to JFK at all. It simply clicks now with the help of the narratives of this documentary. The North Korea and Afghanistan situation I am witnessing now is also very precarious and could turn into another trap for these kinds of emotional reaction to events around the world by Barack Obama.

A common threat of all these geopolitical events is the imperialism hubris that a world policeman should maintain order of the world. This is a most convenient and appropriate way to grapple with the issue notwithstanding all the smokes and mirrors put up by the spin machine. Alexander Cockburn writing this week on Counterpunch clearly points out this kind of thinking.

Bullying small countries sounds easy said than done. North Korea had learned a lesson and gave up it plan A to renormalize relation with US. It seeks the nuke insurance as a way to protect the regime survival. There was USSR before to ensure the survival of Cuba, and there is no such player to back North Korea regime any more. Logically thinking, it is a rational move. Kim Myong Choi had raised this point in Asia Times online this week.

The promising of not toppling the regime of Havana is the final draw demanded by Kuchev to settle the Cuban crisis. What would be the crucial element that is going to have the tension between Iran, North Korea resolved? History would offer many clues on this matter.

There are many signs B. Obama is falling into the same trap that W. Bush, JKF, B. Clinton, J. Carter had experienced before as emotion takes over their decision processing.

Sometime I was wondering if the dissolving of the USSR by Gorbychoff is the result of the detent policy of Reagan administration instead of its military buildup as proposed by many spin doctors.

Interesting viewing of cosmology last night at Nat Geo channel on Neutron star, super nova, black hole, etc. leads to a few thought on this subject matter. There are still so many unsolved mysteries on the universe. Black matter and jet stream shooting out of black hole are among them.

Having explanation is not as simple as I thought. There is a contradiction of the concept of black hole sucking everything into the hole and all information about the spacetime will be lost forever and the concept of black hole has hair (radiation out of the black hole as posited by Richard Hawkins). Now there is another phenomenon that is violating the conventional concept of black hole that would not let anything escape from its center. This is the phenomenon observed by Hubble telescope. M87 galaxy is the name of this phenomenon takes place.

The explanation in the NatGeo program is that there are so many materials to be sucked into the black hole and it causes a traffic jam at the path some materials escape from the supper gravity of the black hole and forming a long line in the spacetime. However, no one can prove this is the case yet. This is a speculation that is not been covered in all the pop science on cosmology books that I happen to come across. This is a very interesting research subject.

Shoemaker-levy comet strikes Jupiter is another interest observation of the life time and in the history of astronomy. This is an effort by Heidi Hammel also a researcher of astronomy. She proposed that Hubble scope should be allowed to train on this comet and observes the collision in real time. The result is a real time event observed in the Space telescope institute in Baltimore MD.

Then the Eta Carina super nova in the Eta Carina nebula is also very interesting. I see this amazing image of two super heated gases shooting out from the core of these two stars the first time in my live. This is a phenomenon occur before a star blows itself out of existence. All the materials the form the stars would be scatter in space and become the substance that form live in the universe. They are calcium, iron, etc,

What is reported in this week on the Bill Moyer program makes me clinch. This is a same old business as usual mentality of US congress and White house. The kow-tow of US congress (Baucus of Wyoming) and White House (Obama) to the insurance industry is so heartbroken for the general public that want to health care reform the single payer style.

The reality is that billion dollars from the insurance industry can be let destroyed by any health care reform.

The solution to get thing done with the government is so obvious by now. Simply showing the US congressmen and women with money is the way to go. Why can the public do the same thing as the insurance industry? This is what reality different from morality.

No one can get rid of the health care industry. This is not true in Canada. There is a lack of will and back bone in the US political sys
tem. The spin that patients can not choose their doctors is a lie. With the current amount of health care spending, patients can choose more doctors than they wish. The rising cost of the health care is partially caused by the administrative cost of hospital and doctor offices spend in fighting with insurance companies to get a request treatment approved.

Private practice will still thrive in the medical field. The only thing different is less administrative task, of red tape as commonly known. Obama���s smoke screen of the current system would be disrupted by the new system. The reality is the under insured and uninsured people had been disrupted for so long and no one care about their plight. What is going to be disrupted is the business of the insurance companies not the practice of the doctors and nurses.

People in medical field such doctors and nurses want to practice medicine not pushing paper works. The money in the healthcare industry is one sixth of the GPD. This is as huge as the auto industry before. The people think that they can get into the healthcare industry and not to worrying about the jobs will be outsourced away is making a big mistake.

Anything is frivolous would eventually do away in the future. The current system is heavily subsidizing the insurance companies on the tax payer cost. A free market not supposes to work in this manner. Canada and Taiwan have the single payer model. They are the examples of the guest on the program namely David Himmelstein and Sidney Wolfe.

Who would put pressure on White House to respond to the need of the public? This is how to shore up the competitiveness of the industry. Ha ha.

May 24, 2009. Robert Kennedy?

The viewing of the Kennedy fiasco on Bay of Pig leads to the distrust of the president of CIA and military intelligent agency. This is the same crap all over again during the Iraq invasion of the Bush Administration. The forming of a new agency to oversee all branch of intelligent gathering agency of government is a testimony of the problem of reliable intelligence gathering is still unsolved.

This is an incident of history repeats itself. Who not learns from history will be taught a lesson by history is a commonly known statement.

The leaving a certain perspective behind is a good description of one no longer endorses a certain perspective of the past. The Robert F. Kennedy transformation from a fat cat interest supporter to a liberal politician that cares about the interest of the poor and working class is one example of it. Mainstream media has no interest of this kind of change of mind set of politician. However, there are many such as example in the field of US Supreme Court.

JFK has no intention to side with the interest of the working class and the disadvantages. It is the tradition of the upper class to protect their interests and the interest of the business class. His father is a symbol of this privilege class.

The story clearly does not reflect this transformation. However, the narrator implies that he should act as his father. Like father like son is the premise of this thinking. What the story reveals contradicting to expectation of a person with such family background. He changes the mind set of JFK on the Cuban policy namely bully the Cuban regime any time the president and the military want it. He was even ordered by JFK to undermine the Cuban regime and assassinate the Cuban leader. But this never put into place as event unfold.

He is the one suggests that JFK should accept the fact that there is no need to initiate a nuclear holocaust simply because ones attitude toward a small socialist country on the southern coast of USA.

RFK also convince JFK to support the civil right bill and put it through US congress for a vote. This may upset the Dixiecrats of the south but it is good for the unity of the nation in term of race relation. These are histories by now. But they are never mentioned again in high school and elementary text book about history of US and sociology at all.

All people want to talk about is the assassination of JFK and RFK for unknown reason. They refuse to deconstruct the social and political atmosphere at the time.

RFK is a very pragmatic and realistic person. He actually runs the campaign of JFK that helps him win the presidency. He is also very effective in running his own campaign for the president job after the assassination of JFK. He is winning from behind as an underdog.

Play boy or not, he is a very adaptive person and he can get thing done as required. But he lacks the political acument required by politicians that often have to compremise their own position as a way for horse trading or quid pro quo.

He hates LBJ as vice president of the administration. This is so ludicrous that such as characters could be coexist in the same administration. There are many factions within the Democratic party vying for the top job of the executive branch.

The power of his father is mentioned again and again during the documentary. He is having his way by offering money to get thing done according to his wish.

May 24, 2009. Michael Hudson?

Michael Hudson writings seem to be more interesting than the writings of Paul Craig Roberts lately. Roberts seems to run out of steam and starts focus on political issue such as POW torture and taxation of Barack Obama.

There is not much talk about the health care and social security reform. From Michael Hudson perspective, nothing has been changed at all after the inauguration of the Obama presidency.

The finance industry is still having a strangles hold on the economy. is the only site that offers many refreshing perspectives and inspirations for writings. The so-called “the Nation”, “Salon”, “Mother Jones” and “Huffington Post” are too inside the box.

The question essentially is how to overthrow the system according to Hudson. If there is nothing one can do about it to make a difference, then it becomes a question of how to join them, i.e. taking advantage of the system to benefit oneself if possible. Both are not easy tasks.

But knowing the reality and selecting the appropriate actions are the right approach toward solving the problem. Even government is out of tools to fix the system if she wants only play along with the king makers of the system.

He points out the crux of the matter in a very straight forward manner. No vague language of the finance system is used.

I was wondering how the entertainment industry and hospitality business fit into the picture of this perspective. Hudson only mentions the dichotomy of finance industry and tangible industry. There are more than that in reality.

The exorbitant wages and rents extracted from the sport, music, movie and TV industry seem to be nowhere to be found in this author writings. “Rents” is a subject that no longer the focus of any academic discussion. Classical view of economy has been out of fashion for a long time.

Hudson has his own web site now. He emerges from the current finance meltdown as a better insider than the Paul Craig Roberts.

The statement that IMF only imposes the regiment of prescription drugs on developing world and spars the US public from taking these regiment of medicine is not true. The public has already suffered a lot from wage cut back and laying off. The public service cut back is also a fact of life. This is an ongoing process of scaling back.

It is not reflecting on the Federal budget level, but it is taking place on the state budget and municipal budget level. The reduction of endowments, 401k reserve of the working folks is real. This mandatory cut back though not imposed by IMF and World Bank, is a reality force upon the public by the “free market” system.

IMF, World Bank, and WTO only grant veto power to one member, it is the USA. This is not widely known by the general public that is no well verse in these “international” organizations.

Eugenia Tsao of university of Toronto has a point when she points out that no PH D is irreplaceable in reality when a vacant position is open up for filling. They are ton of candidate waiting in the wing applying for the same position.

This happens to coincide with the assessment made by one writer about the value of CEOs: they are more productive than the rest of employees of a company and thus deserts an exorbitant compensation package. As a matter of fact, I recall that it is made by the president of the international service workers union Andy Stearns.